Dianne's courgettes pate

First, the original recipe, then my notes:

Courgette Pate
14 oz courgette, grated
1/4 pint double cream
1 tbsp chopped fresh herbs (I like dill and parsley)
2 eggs
pinch of black pepper, paprika, turmeric and salt
1 oz butter

Gently fry the grated courgettes in butter until softened.
Mix everything together.
Pour into a lined 1lb loaf tin and place in a tray containing water to come halfway up the side of the loaf tin.
Bake for 1 hour at 180 C until firm and starting to brown on top.

My notes (the lazy way):
I didn't bother with the grating and frying. I just put everything into a food processor and whizzed until well chopped (I left the butter out).
I forgot to use the water bath and it still turned out alright.
Using yellow courgettes and a pinch of turmeric gives a nice golden colour.