Fiona's Roasted red peppers and halloumi

A favourite in our house and one I don't have a written recipe for, so apologies for vague quantities!! Very easy and quick
Serves 4

4 red peppers
Mushrooms (best are ones that are in a jar that are roasted and in olive oil, but I cant find these anymore so I roast some mushrooms in oven with olive oil, S+P for about 15 mins and use them instead)
Halloumi cheese
Pine nuts if you`ve got any
Cut peppers in half, through the stalk, deseed and put on baking tray, cut sides up. Drizzle with olive oil, S+P. Roast at GM6 for 20 mins

Meanwhile...add stock to couscous, cover and wait for 5 mins till fluid absorbed. (no idea of how much! - ??maybe about 3cm couscous in measuring jug and add enough stock up to 5-6cm mark - ish)
Then combine couscous, chopped up halloumi, mushrooms, parsley and fill pepper halves, sprinkle with pine nuts if using and back in oven for 20 mins.

Liz' courgettes recipe

Courgettes, garlic (as much as you want!), butter/margarine
Grate courgettes, prepare garlic and add to melted butter/margarine in saucepan.
Cook garlic for a few minutes then add courgette and stir/cook until heated..!
I taste to see when it's ready!!
Serve with anything!!

If you like garlic and courgettes this is absolutely gorgeous!!
from Liz