Fiona's Roasted red peppers and halloumi

A favourite in our house and one I don't have a written recipe for, so apologies for vague quantities!! Very easy and quick
Serves 4

4 red peppers
Mushrooms (best are ones that are in a jar that are roasted and in olive oil, but I cant find these anymore so I roast some mushrooms in oven with olive oil, S+P for about 15 mins and use them instead)
Halloumi cheese
Pine nuts if you`ve got any
Cut peppers in half, through the stalk, deseed and put on baking tray, cut sides up. Drizzle with olive oil, S+P. Roast at GM6 for 20 mins

Meanwhile...add stock to couscous, cover and wait for 5 mins till fluid absorbed. (no idea of how much! - ??maybe about 3cm couscous in measuring jug and add enough stock up to 5-6cm mark - ish)
Then combine couscous, chopped up halloumi, mushrooms, parsley and fill pepper halves, sprinkle with pine nuts if using and back in oven for 20 mins.

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