Andrea’s pear and dolcelatta tart

No real recipe available as it was something I saw on the television “What to eat now” and adapted to a James Martin dolcelatta and fig tart we like. You can’t really go wrong and it can be changed to appropriate fruit in season, it might be nice with autumn apples!!!
Karina has got plenty of apples to give away at the moment...
Here goes: Enough pastry to line your tart tin, I have used both rough puff pastry and shortcrust and although the end result is different they both tasted lovely. Pop that in the oven with your grease proof paper and baking bean lining for about 10 mins on about 180 deg C. Take your pears and peel and core then in the meantime. Then pop them in a pan with a big chunk of unsalted butter and cook gently. When they start to go a lovely golden colour and smell lovely pop them in the warm pastry case. Then take about 2 to 4 ounces of any blue cheese you like, we just happen to love dolcelatta, and cut it into smallish chunks and dot it over and around the warm pears. Then mix one egg and one egg yoke with a really good dollop (or two) of double cream, mix together and pour over the pears and cheese in the tart. Then I just pop it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes but keep my eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get too brown. I like it best straight away with all the cheese nice and gooey over the tart pears and with a good peppery salad but each to his own.
It is just a useful, quick and easy supper dish. Hope I have made it sound as easy as it is. If any one is looking for a good easy rough puff pastry recipe Michel Roux did a great one on Saturday kitchen and it is on the BBC food website.
Happy baking Andrea and Joe

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