Quick and easy fat free fruit loaf

400 g mixed dried fruit – sultanas, raisins etc
A few chopped glace cherries
1 mug hot fruit tea – red berry sort works well – raspberry, strawberry etc but any will do – ordinary tea will do
1 mug soft brown sugar
2 mugs self raising flour
1large or 2 small beaten up eggs

Soak the fruit in the fruit tea overnight.

Next day, add everything else and put in a 2lb loaf tin or about 8inch round tin. Line with greaseproof if you want but I just grease the tin and dust flour all around the inside of the tin. Cook for about 2 hours at 160degrees centigrade/325 degrees Fahrenheit or gas mark 3 - tap bottom of tin and it sounds hollow or stick skewer in to make sure it is cooked. I sometimes switch oven off and leave in to finish cooking through slowly. Serve hot or cold – can be frozen.

Dead easy and great for packed lunch for children

From Cath Mears

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